Welcome! Wilkommen! Bienvenu! Aloha! Benvenuto!

Out of all the places in the internet you could have clicked to, you wound up here. I'm amazed. Impressed. Flattered. 

It could be FATE. Or DESTINY. (Do I sound like a cheesy movie trailer yet?) 

If you're not scared away yet, congratulations! I promise I'm not scary person. What I am is a Catholic, a college student, a dancer (my specialty is Irish dance), and a lover of books, tea, and chocolate. I also enjoy various crafts, especially jewelry making!

I decided to start a blog mainly so I had somewhere to write down all my random ideas. I'm not really sure what genre you'd call this blog. Some mix of Catholic college girl + chocolate + dance + books? Let's go with that. 

The name sailing through this world is from one of my favorite quotes, by one of my most beloved saints, St. Therese of Lisieux. The world is thy ship, not thy home.

Anyway, I do hope you'll come again. :)

This person is me. In case you thought it was some random person besides me.


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