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Intentional Goal-Setting in 2018

Every new year brings new expectations, new hopes and desires. Many, when faced with a new year, believe it is time to make a list of things to accomplish.

There is nothing wrong with coming up with a list of goals--the problem occurs when people make wild lists of goals because they feel they are expected to do so. If a person tends to set the same goal each year, there is obviously a problem with the mindset behind the goal. Is there a significant intention behind the goal? Are you wanting to make changes to your life because society is telling you to? Or are you convinced that in order to become a better person you need to make a few changes?
There is a significant difference between goals which stem from true intention and desire to grow and goals which are the result of societal pressure.

This year, I hope to continue to to grow in my trust of God. I am reading the diary of St. Faustina and her dedication and trust in God astounds me. She says to God, "I walk through life l…
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Being Still: Appreciating God's Blessings

As you grow up, life seems to get faster. Days are jam packed full of activities. You rush from one thing to the next and barely have time to breathe. During these days, it’s important to ask yourself, are you living with intention? Are you fully experiencing each moment God has given you? Too often, when life gets full, the answer to the above questions is no. We simply fly through life, living on the surface, not fully experiencing it. How can we change this? We can try to live with intention and thank God for each moment He sends us. St. Gianna Molla says that “the secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day.” This means we need to appreciate everything God sends us. Appreciate the small daily joys. Appreciate the daily hardships as they allow us a chance to grow in holiness. Appreciate everything! Thank God for everything!
I’ve always found it very difficult to live in the moment. I tend to want to look …

Finding Strength

I fear nothing for God is with me.--St. Joan of Arc

Strength. A word that can be used a variety of contexts. Strength of body, strength of mind and intellect, strength of character, strength of heart...

 I've felt a significant call to be strong these past few months. On my 20th birthday this past September, as I turned the page on my teenage years, I decided that my goal for this new part of my life was to become stronger. I wanted to grow in strength. Physically, mentally, emotionally, but especially spiritually. At the time, I wasn't sure why I felt so certain I needed to work on growing stronger. I just felt like that was the thing I should focus on. It's clear now, however, that God was preparing me for the challenges that were ahead.
I want to be strong in my faith. I want to be strong in my beliefs. In essence, I want to be strong enough to let go of my fears. I want to be strong enough to trust in God. 
Trust. Seems like a simple concept but unfortunately, it is so e…

On Thankfulness and Trust

This past Wednesday, my university, St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, Oklahoma made the announcement that the university will be suspending operations after this semester. They did not receive a loan they had been counting on. Students have a month before finals. We must find elsewhere to continue our education. The faculty and staff, many of whom have families are now faced with the daunting prospect of finding new jobs. As the only Catholic college in Oklahoma, this news is tragic. 
It was a normal Wednesday. I was in the middle of Ballet class, when it was suddenly interrupted with the news that all students, faculty, and staff must attend a mandatory meeting. I had no idea what was happening. Upon arrival, we were read a letter with the news. My first thought was disbelief. How could this happen? Why? What was I going to do? What about my friends?

I finally found a wonderful group of people who have changed my life. I am comfortable with them. They bring me so much joy. Su…

True Beauty Points to Heaven

For my American Literature class this semester I was given the assignment to develop my own philosophy of aesthetics in essay form. Aesthetics is the philosophy of art. My professor wanted the class to spend some time thinking about why they like certain books or movies. Is beauty relative? 

Though the assignment seemed kind of strange and abstract at first, I actually really enjoyed writing my essay. I had never really thought about why I thought something was beautiful, but it's an interesting question. What makes a certain art appeal to someone? Can you separate beauty from truth and goodness? I attempt to answer these questions in my essay. Remember, this is just my personal opinion. 

“How beautiful!” Though I have muttered these words countless times over my twenty years, I have never spent much time considering why I come to this conclusion. Do I like this movie simply because of the cinematography? Or is it the acting? The storyline? Deciding on whether something is beautiful…

August Book Review: Nella Last's War

Before I even got home from college in May, I had goals for the summer. They included things like praying, being able to run slightly longer distances, dancing at Nationals, etc...and they also included reading. I've had a goodreads (promise I'm not sponsored) account for a while but I haven't been consistent out using it. This summer I wanted to keep track of how many books I read so I decided to use it! It was a great tool for finding new authors and books. I really recommend it. Find me on Goodreads here.

Nella Last's War: The Second World War Diaries of 'Housewife 49was one of my many summer reads. Nella Last wrote a diary for the Mass Observation Archive from 1939 until 1966 as the British Government encouraged regular citizens to document their lives during the war. Her work was originally published as a book in 1981 and was republished in 2006.

Nella Last was a regular housewife who lived in  Lancashire, England. Her diary provides fascinating insights on t…


Current book: I've been soaking up the last few weeks of freedom where I have time to read whatever I want. I've still been into historical fiction and I recently finishedNella Last's War and The Girls of Ennismore.Nella Last's War is the actual diary of Nella Last, a housewife in England during World War II. It is fascinating to read about her day to day life during the war. I loved it! The Girls of Ennismore was very enjoyable, reminiscent of Downton Abbey, The Girls of Ennismore is set in Ireland and explores very fascinating themes regarding class and birthright. Another enjoyable read!

Current music: I haven't actually been listening to much. When I do listen to music, lately it's been musicals like Hamilton.
Current guilty (or non-guilty) pleasure: Hmmm...can't think of anything...

Current food: MANGO. And cookie butter from Trader Joes. Not together of course...

Current obsession: Morning walks with Molly (our dog). It just really energizes me and sets m…